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Individual Null Egg Level Strats

Clicking on any of the following links will bring you to a page with an overview of each individual world with strats for all levels in that world.
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World 2


World 3


World 4


World 5


World 6



This is a glitch that was originally thought to be a random occurence at the end of 2-2, some people would experience a strange crash and be oblivious as to why. Until someone from #yoshi named ArneTheGreat discovered that it was something to do with the rat carrying an egg. He looked into it further and the first truely broken category in Yoshi's Island was born: The Magical Journey

Magical journey.gif

How to Null Egg

The Null Egg glitch is usually aquired in 2-2 for all RTA relevant categories, but it is possible to get it in other levels! too, which could potentially save time in Individual Levels Runs.

Null Egg Glitch (2-2)

Null Egg Demonstration

The following video explains the important sprite ID infos regarding the null and also demonstrates different uses for the Null Egg Glitch.

Getting the Null Egg

In 2-2, enter the last screen with 6 eggs, do not use any eggs, and do exactly what is shown in the videos, this includes spitting the first rat into the shy guy (Since this will garuantee the correct sprite IDs for this trick to work)

Null Egg - Fast Set Up (Emulator)
Null Egg - Fast Set Up (Console)

Getting the Boss Key

Enter the boss fight with exactly 4 eggs + the null egg (which you can't see). Throw one egg at the boss, and kill him off by throwing the slimes into him. Do not catch the egg with your tongue when it is flying through the room, if you catch it sprite IDs will be messed up and this trick won't work.

Getting the Boss Key into your Null Egg


The following Tutorial will explain all the needed information to get started with running the Magical Journey. It shows ALL levels!

How not to Null Egg (Crashes)

Many sprites can crash the game upon entering the goal ring if the glitch setup is done incorrectly.

Null Egg Crashing The Game
Null egg crash.gif

The game will also crash on many stages when using the boss explosion sprite to complete levels. This is due to the stage being completed before it has been properly loaded. While in theory this would be faster than using the key sprite, it is much more unstable.

Further Information

Now that you know how to Null Egg, it is time to learn some more specifics about the Null Egg.

Key Position

The position the key is in affects how quickly it ends the level.

Compared to having 3 eggs in front:

  • Having 2 eggs in front loses 9 frames per level
  • Having 1 egg in front loses 47 frames per level
  • Having no eggs in front loses 49 frames per level

Version Differences

The Boss Key sprite affects a few levels differently between versions. The version that a strat works on is specified for each level that has differences. The strats are from slowest to fastest. Version tiers: J1.0 >>> J1.2 >>> J1.1 >>> U1.1 >>> PAL >>> U1.0

Null egg in other levels

As said earlier, the Null Egg is not 2-2 exclusive. Here are 2 examples.

3-6 Null Egg

As shown in the next video, the Null Egg can also be aquired in 3-6. A screen transition sprite is then loaded into the null egg to trigger a 1-1 Warp. Unfortunately, for the IL run of this level the null egg warp strat is slower than doing the level normally. If null eggs were allowed in 100% the 3-6 null egg strat could be used multiple times to save a lot time.

3-6 IL warp route (slower)
How 3-6 Null Egg could save a huge amount of time if it was allowed in 100%

6-4 Null Egg

The next video shows how to get a null egg in 6-4. While harder than in 2-2 it is possible and unlike in 3-6 this is actually a little bit faster in an IL run, since it can skip a large portion of the room right before the boss where you normally do a Lava Skip (or take the log).

6-4 IL null egg route IDEA
6-4 IL Speedrun (w/ Null Egg)

Save Corruption

Doing specific stuff in 3-1 can corrupt save data when having the boss key in your egg inventory - sometimes it can unlock arbitrary stages (usually w6).
See: Any% No Credits Warp for the category that was spawned by this new discovery.

Any% No ACE TUTORIAL (2-2 to 3-1 + Save Corruption)
*NEW* Any% No ACE Info (2-8 + 3-1) [Read the description of the video]


Head over to the DLC page to find useful tools that will help you a lot learning Null Egg specific stuff.