W2 (Null Egg)

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2-3 (RNG)

Move as far into the level as possible blindly. Do not let input end while you're on a slope.

*Video Example*

Things that can end your run:

  • Getting hit and not recovering Baby Mario.
  • Random Gusty spawns.


  • Throwing an egg acts as a decoy for 1 of the 2 gusties but will cost over 10 seconds from key loading times over the whole run


Run as far right as you can.

*Video Example*


Strat 1: Run past the egg spitter plant avoiding eggs as you go. Get to the peak point of the foam, when Yoshi makes his trademark sound throw an egg up. Flutter to the right and take the Lakitu cloud and move above the left side of the foam platform shaped like a line where the yellow shyguy is. (The earlier you throw the egg the sooner the level ends. The point I described is about the latest you can throw it.)

*Video Example*

Strat 2: GP the foam at the edge of the first platform. Move right and flutter left against the wall. Flutter again under the stage to the left. Here's the GP sweetspot: 2 5 null egg.png You can also use the other strat as a backup if you don't get a good GP.

*Video Example*

Things that can end your run:

  • Getting hit and not recovering Baby Mario.
  • Having the cloud drop you while there's no foam under you.
  • Being too far left or right under the stage.
  • Collecting an egg can give you trouble in 3-8 and 6-8.


  • If you miss the cloud then run left and try to get back on it.
  • If your 2nd flutter doesn't go under the stage end the flutter early and flutter to the right.


Run to the right edge of the foam and hold up.

*Video Example*


Get hit save frames, and hold up while facing right.

*Video Example*


Move to the position shown in the video.

*Video Example*

Probably better to be too far right.