How To Get Lives

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Zombie Glitch - 999 Lives

  • Jump in the save ring and proceed to die until you have 1 life.
  • Get door 1 and enter.
  • Make it to the red switch. Die in the lava facing left against the wall like in the video.
  • This will stop yoshi from dying, but it still removes a life from the counter.
  • If you pause and check your lives you now have 0. If you die one more time your life count under-flows to 999.

AFK Farming in 1-7

  • Grab the first melon bug.
  • At the shyguy pipe, spit the melon bug so it gets stuck in between the wall and the pipe.
  • Then jump close to the save ring, the melon bug will jump up and down and kill shyguys from the pipe.
  • After a while, the game will start giving you one ups, so you can just afk for a bit and save up enough for practice.