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The Flowers are a collectible within Yoshi's Island, there being five within each level. They can be collected by touch or by contact with a thrown egg or spat enemy. In 100% Format, all five Flowers must be collected, netting a player 50 total points on the end of level "Score" screen, plus an extra life. In Any% Format however, one should avoid Flowers due to them being able to trigger a somewhat lengthy Bonus Challenge via the Goal Roulette.

Red Coins

A longstanding feature of the Mario franchise is the Red Coin. In Yoshi's Island, Red Coins are disguised as normal, yellow ones. However, Red Coins, while disguised, have a slightly red tint. Red Coins are also slightly larger than the yellow counterpart, allowing for easy collection. There are 20 Red Coins in each level of the game. In 100% Format, all must be collected, gaining 20 points toward the total score of 100. In Any% Format, it is best to avoid these, as their listing in the Score Screen takes a few frames.


Stars are a collectible that increase the Countdown Timer, preventing Baby Mario from being taken from Yoshi if hit. Stars can be found in Winged Clouds (Five Stars), Tulips (Eight Stars), and two Stars can be spawned if Yoshi hits an enemy with a Red Egg. Stars are collected on contact, and can also be eaten by Yoshi. There is theoretically no limit to the amount of Stars available in a level. In 100% Format, one must collect thirty Stars in total, netting 30 points. Within Any% Format, Stars are available as a "safety net", but are usually ignored.