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Main Page

Refer to: Alternative Front Page Testing
Either give Feedback on Discord, or at the bottom of the Page.
Overall the current version of the front page already looks pretty nice and is probably close to final!

Regarding the General Pages from the Front Page

The general pages have already had lots of progress, most of the stuff from the old wiki has been copied over and received a little rewritting and restructering, so when comparing with the old wiki, things might look different and are located in a different spot now.

So 2 things:

  • Pretty much all articles still need lots of rewriting/restructering to make them look nicer to the eye and potential newcomers. (done)
  • Relative linking could still link to old wiki pages, or have have been set up during the copy process but then things got changes again, so they are broken again ---> needs fixes! (done)
    • In general, relative linking is nice and adding more doesn't hurt. (done)



  • Controls
    • Mostly ok, might need a little rewriting (done)
    • Considering to add something about RESETTING (done)
  • Movement
    • Very big blocks of text, making that look nicer and more friendly to the viewer should be considered (done)
    • Perfect Jump has some missing info (done)
    • Speed Oscillation should maybe go into another article: Mechanics for example (done)
  • Fluttering
    • Overall not too badly looking
    • Might be a good idea to include the 5-4 Skip tutorial here: (done)
    • Currently the idea was, to have Lava Skip and 5-4 Skip on the Fluttering page and just refer/link to it from the 5-4/6-4 pages later
    • But nonetheless it should be said, that 5-4 Skip might go into the 5-4 IL page later, and just gets referenced from the Fluttering page
  • Eggs! GreenEgg.png YellowEgg.png RedEgg.png
    • Kiwi said he would like to see a rewriting of the page (done)
    • There certainly can be improvements on many things, especially the ending bit about Baxters & such (done)


  • Tricks
    • Some of those might be a little too level specific? (Chicken Baxter & Blastoff come to mind)
    • Might consider moving them to the appropriate IL pages later (Fine for now)
    • Some Tricks might also be moved (done)
      • For example Screen Scrolling & Sprite Overload might go into Mechanics later (done)
  • Mechanics
    • This page has not been started yet, but is supposed to include stuff like camera/scrolling sprite-limit/despawning etc.(done)
  • Swag
    • Mhh (done)


  • Glitch List
    • This was a clusterfuck on the old wiki, and still kinda is... but then again, it's not the most important page
  • Warps
    • Includes 1-1 Warps and Left+Right Warping <--- Might get moved to another page?
    • // Should maybe include the little warps of 2-1 & 2-8??? (done)//
    • Not too bad of a page though, feel free to improve! (done)
  • Null Egg Information
    • Copied the page over from the old wiki
    • The page was mainly a big collection of videos
    • Now here on it takes forever to finish loading the page,
    • despite pretty much all videos being in collapsable boxes
    • so we might wanna do something about that, no idea what though (done)
    • Idea?... Maybe create Pages for each world or something, if there is no better fix (done)
    • Alternatively: Just put raw links instead embedding them (done)
    • Save Corruption
      • Put into the Null Egg Page now, makes sense since it is (done)
      • not really a thing outside the Null Egg related runs
      • and ACE doesnt count and has it's own page anyway :p (done)
      • Still missing pretty much any useful information (done)
  • TAS Tricks
    • Same as Glitch List
  • TAS Guide
    • copied Carls TAS Guide over, might wanna merge it with TAS Tricks
  • Enemy Info
    • Kiwi said he wants to work on an Enemy List at some point

Other Articles

Category Overview

  • Pretty nice already! Feel free to improve though
  • We need to discuss if 2-controller-mashing should maybe go into the Universal Bans? (done)

Regarding Any%

  • ACE
    • Article has been started! Still needs LOTS of work. (mt and rheal have already expressed interest in working on it) (done)

Regarding Warps, No Null Egg

  • 3-3 Glitch
    • Article started, not looking too bad either, but like everything, rewrite/restructure could be done to improve it further (done)
    • mt suggested a renaming to Map Corruption or something similar, since it might be theoretically possible to save time using the glitch in 5-3 and possible others (Refer: (done)

Regarding 100%

  • Bonus Skips!
    • Started!
    • Added Trix' and my timing of bonus games / shenanigans.
    • Copied over the old info
    • Could use updated bonus skips videos TBH (done.)

Level Pages

Some levels are blank I will build out the list later kind of tired after doing most of them, but I plan to go back and edit any of them that aren't "specific enough" good example pages that are more at the level of data I think should be present are 5-4, 1-4, 2-2 you get the point

6-4 missing a video

100% Tutorials/IL Videos

UPDATE 12/7/2017 - Right now, only the pages for 1-1 and 1-2 have full text/gif breakdowns of the 100% tutorials. The rest of the 100% pages will however, at the VERY least, have a link to Trix's tutorials and the IL WR listed on Those pages are being constructed now.