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B - Jump
Y - Tongue
A - Aim/throw egg
X - Nothing (but it can help with level intro mashing)
L/R - Freezes egg aim cursor at current position

The Basics

  • This wiki will assume you've at least played the game before so we won't be going over the very basics like jumping or throwing eggs. Instead, we'll focus on things not explicitly stated in the game, but are in the game nonetheless.
  • There is no run button, except when controlling Super Baby Mario or the train vehicle.
  • Hold Y as Baby Mario to move faster. Hold A, B or Y as the train to move faster (none of the other vehicles can be sped up in this way).
  • Hold up while standing still to scroll the screen upwards.
Visit the movement page for more information on how to control your Yoshi!

Button Combinations

  • Start + Select during a level that you have already beaten returns you to the level select screen. (Also works during the intro level).
  • Pushing Y or down on the dpad while aiming an egg cancels egg aiming and swaps to the next egg.
  • Holding up while starting egg aiming starts the egg cursor pointing up, then descends and will allow you to aim lower than a neutral eggshot.
  • You can also play bandit minigames directly from the level select screen by holding Select and then pressing the combination: X, X, Y, B, A.

Patient vs. Hasty

Hasty Controls

Two options are accessible on the level select screen that changes how the egg button works:

  • Patient is the default. It makes it so that pushing A once begins egg aiming and pushing A again throws the egg.
  • Hasty on the other hand, sets it so that pushing A begins egg aiming and releasing A throws the egg. Most speedrunners use hasty, which allows you to more easily fire off quick egg shots by just tapping the button once, as opposed to twice.

You can also change the control scheme with the first help box in 1-3. It was said that swapping to hasty in 1-3 saves time compared to swapping at the level select screen. This was tested on the Japanese version of the game and the results are as follows:

  • Swapping to hasty at level select takes 112 frames minimum and requires 9 inputs. 
  • Swapping to hasty at the help box in 1-3 takes 117 frames minimum and requires 2 inputs.

Since 1-3 requires less inputs, it's likely to still save time over the level select control change in an RTA setting using the Japanese version. Switching to hasty in 1-3 while using the US version will likely lose time because of an extra text box the player must scroll through.

Level Transitions and Text

Mashing Example/Tutorial

Playing on the Japanese version is estimated to save around 9 seconds in 100% and 7 seconds in Any% because of less text to scroll through.

  • Holding any button during the score tally screen completes it as fast as possible -- no need to mash!
  • Start, A, B, Y, and X can be used to select a new level during the overworld map transition (mash!)
  • Alternate mashing down + A to skip text boxes as quickly as possible. Start slightly before the text box appears to have a better chance at getting a frame-perfect quick skip.
  • Most level intro transitions (e.g. "1-1: Make Eggs, Throw Eggs") can be shortened by button mashing, which adds up to several seconds over the course of a run. The dpad and every button will work, so swirl the dpad and mash every button (including L and R).
  • Entering levels with different amounts of eggs affects the time it takes for the level intro to complete.

Resetting To Save Time

If you reset the console after completing the 8th level of a world for the first time, you can skip a cutscene where the game shows your score for each level in that world, unlocks the extra level if you have 100% in every level and shows Yoshi destroying a castle on the island screen before progressing to the next world.

You can reset 5 frames after the score tally screen fades out completely. If you want to reset safely and not risk going too soon, you can wait until you see the map screen start to fade in or when you hear the map theme start playing. If you reset too soon, you'll have to replay the last level of the world, thus ruining your speedrun.
Tongue Glitch vs. Resets

Any% time save:

  • Per world reset: 797 frames or 13.283s
  • World 5 reset: 2244 frames or 37.4s (W5 has a longer cutscene)
  • Total time saved: 5432 frames or 1:30.533s

100% time save:

  • Per world reset: 1257 frames or 20.95s
  • World 5 reset: 2691 frames or 44.85s
  • Total time saved: 7791 frames or 2:08.65s

*Resetting is banned in Any% Warpless, but it is allowed in all other categories.

Keep in mind that in the Any% Warps category, you actually don't want to reset after World 2, as resetting will remove all eggs from Yoshi's inventory. In that category, there is a time saving trick in 3-3 known as the tongue glitch, where you use a big egg that you carried over from 2-7 to rearrange some level objects and skip using the submarine. Overall, this is still faster than the time saved from resetting, so top runners don't usually reset the console there.

Any% Warps with tongue glitch is about 20 seconds faster than resetting.