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Bonus Skips

Bonus Stages in a 100% run

There are 42 levels in Yoshi's Island that have goal rings. In a 100% run, there are 41 levels that can result in a bonus game, since 1-E cannot result in a bonus game (See: 1-E Forced Poochy Bonus to get an idea of why the developers decided to do it like that)

Bonus games costs 10-30 seconds depending on which you get. By manipulating bonus games, one can drastically reduce the time of a 100% run.

Old Bonus Skips

The following list is very outdated but has bonus skip videos for almost every level. Only a few of them are still used.

Bonus Skips
1-2 (1) - 1-2 (2)
1-E = No Bonus possible
2-3 (1) - 2-3 (2)
3-3 (1) - 3-3 (2)
5-1 (1) - 5-1 (2)
5-2 = PRAY

Zewing Bonus Skip

Aim for Y+B+> at this point or a little earlier.

Spitting an enemy out while holding forward on the dpad slows Yoshi down. This is normally avoided, but it can be used to slow down just enough to skip a bonus stage. The Zewing Bonus Skip is performed by holding forward and spitting out an enemy as Yoshi jumps into the goal ring. This only works inside a certain timing window, which is shown in the picture to the right.

NOTE: Great visual cue is to perform Zewing Bonus Skip just as Yoshi's Nose is about to touch the bottom left flower.

Technical Stuff: This is a variant of Matt Bonus Skip. It has an ~11 frame input window and can be done as long as an enemy is able to be spit by Yoshi and he is going full speed prior to the goal ring loading. Using this method the dot landed on will always be bottom left if done correctly.

Bonus Games

Bonus Games are almost always bad, but at least some damage can be minimized by being smart about bonus games.

Timing & Strats

A rough timing of Bonus Games and how much time they lose.

Open 1 Window (W2 & W4)

Open 1 Window (win) - 13.30
Open 1 Window (lose) - 13.47
Optimal Strat: Just open the first window and pray.

Flip Cards (W1 & W5)

Flip Cards (0 Flips) - 11.28
Flip Cards (1 Flip - Lose) - 14.61
Flip Cards (1 Flip - Win) - 17.37
Optimal Strat: If you wanna try your luck to get a +20 open 1 or 2 cards, otherwise leave immediately.

Match Cards (W3 & W6)

Match Cards (0 correct flips - optimal movement) - 29.04
Match Cards (Getting +20) - roughly 36.47 (too many different combinations to test them all)
Optimal Strat: Unless you go for a +20, alternate between top right and bottom right corner (Use up/down to skip the cursor animation, use left in the very beginning to get to the bottom right corner)

Scratch Cards (W1 & W4)

Scratch Cards (0 Marios) - 27.09
Scratch Cards (1 Mario) - 29.20
Scratch Cards (2 Marios) - 30.24
Scratch Cards (3 Marios) - Not tested but more than the others.
Optimal Strat: Not really any strats, but avoid clicking on an already scratched card.

Roulette (W3 & W5)

Roulette (+1) - 18.92
Optimal Strat: Mash hard on the front buttons. DO NOT mash on the D-Pad, you could accidentely increase your stake (pressing down will put ALL your lives on the line, and getting a x3 then would mean getting a nice chunk of lives... takes forever though)

Slots (W2 & W6)

Slots (0 Match) - 14.21
Slots (3 melons/other) - 15.38
Slots (3 cherrys) - 16.56
Slots (777) - 18.78
Swag (How to get triple 7 everytime):
Optimal Strat: Mash hard.

+20 Stars Strats

Getting a +20 Stars Item can actually be kinda OK, if you already got into a bonus game anyway:

  • It can save roughly 10 seconds on 2-E
  • Can be used as a back-up in whichever level you need it in to get 30 stars, looking at you 3-E... (does not work in boss fights however!)
  • If you somehow have 2 of them you could even use the other one on 3-E, since that level also has a room dedicated to getting stars and nothing else (Don't go for this without practice though, it's not as easy as with 2-E and actually needs some looking into it to know how to do it properly)

It really only matters for the following bonus games...

  • Open 1 Window: Have a lucky day and get yourself a nice tasty +20. Nothing else to say here (random)
  • Flip Cards: If you get +20 on the first flip, you can minimize the time lost overall (semi-random since you can decide to not flip any cards)
  • Match Cards: Going for a +20 can be worthwhile here, since it can be faster to get +20 and use it on 2-E (sometimes there is no +20 to get)

3-4 crab room strat using an item

In the 3-4 crab room you have to normally shoot a total of 6 eggs and usually get to a star count of 20-22 doing that. Using an item like Melon, Fire, Ice, POW or the star cloud item, you might be able to save a little bit of time in 3-4. POW & Star Cloud item are faster than the 3 melon items.

Reminder: Since you have to get/play a bonus game for the item, you cant save time doing this, looking at the run as a whole. This is just to minimize damage if you already got a bonus and one of the mentioned items. So might as well use it at that point.

Remember that doing this will skip the stars created from shooting the crabs (If you do the standard speedrun strats for this level anyway), which means you will have to get stars elsewhere, probably having to take the first save ring that is normally skipped. However, time is saved by not having to get new eggs.

This whole strat has not been time intensively, just very roughly, and probably only saves like 1-2 seconds at most, maybe even loses time but in that case: ~ S W A G ~