Any% 6-5

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Ugh, the last autoscroll level (minus the Kamek autoscroll in 6-8). Luckily, the second half of the autoscroll can be skipped by using a perfect jump. A first-frame jump up to the ledge above the pink block before the second autoscroll starts will not start the autoscroll. Yoshi can then flutter past the flower and land, avoiding the trigger that starts the autoscroller entirely. This saves ~25 seconds.

SWAG (Important)

You can do the following to swag up your 6-5 for infinite swag points... and it's actually really easy to do as well!

6-5 Swag in one picture


1) You stand to the right side of the flame
2) You wait and jump at the right moment (Keep holding jump until your flutter is over) - DO NOT MOVE YET! (Do not touch your Dpad at all)
3) You wait until the pipe appears - That's the moment where you want to press JUMP and then LEFT and you keep holding both. You will do a flutter because of it, then headbonk, and do an automatic second flutter because of it (You want this to happen). You can just keep holding left until you are 100% sure to be safe.