3-3 Glitch

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The 3-3 Glitch is a main component to get top times in the Any% Warps, No Null Egg category.
This trick is banned in Any% Warpless.

What it is

In 3-3 the submarine can be skipped by doing the tongue glitch in the level. To perform the trick, you first need either a pow block, or a big egg. Big eggs are recommended as there is no known way to consistently get a POW block, but there are strats on bringing big eggs from 2-7 into 3-3.

Big Egg Baxter

2-7 Baxter (There is a faster & better way, watch the WR)

You need to Baxter a big egg all the way from 2-7 to 3-3.

For 2-8:

  • You simply want to be holding the egg before the boss explodes.
  • To be save you should already start holding the egg when giving the pot the final push off the edge.
(Alternative) Fast 3-2 Egg Baxter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8T3Cro75A4

OPTIMIZED strat for the 3-1 and 3-2 Big Egg Baxter!
(Read the description of the video - Advised to be learned!)

3-1 / 3-2 Fast Big Egg Baxter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6lthnzpj58

Tongue Glitch

In the 2nd screen of 3-3 with a big egg, grab an enemy, throw the big egg into the air, and spit out the enemy right before the big egg lands. This will activate the Tongue Glitch. To see this in action go to the Tutorial.

The following video displays the 3-3 Tongue Glitch Submarine Skip using a POW BLOCK.

Tongue Glitch & Submarine Skip (Using a POW Block Item): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AX5Wk4WzVh0


The following tutorial explains how to carry the big egg from 2-7 to 3-3, and also explains the Tongue Glitch.

Big Egg Baxter Visual Cues

If you do "slow baxters" (Where you visually confirm the egg position first) the following picture will help you to know where you have to put the egg so the next Yoshi can pick it up or where it will fail. For 2-7 it's fairly easy since the camera isn't locked, but for 3-1 and 3-2 the camera will be locked stupidly, but it can be somewhat worked around if you know where to put the glitched out big egg. Reminder that the big egg despawn if too far off-screen.

Big egg baxter visual cues.png